Find Your Voice: The Mathew Mendes Peace Legacy 



By Alexander “Mathew” Mendes


In the dictionary, the word courage is defined as the quality of being brave. Most people hear the word courage and only think of a person who commits heroic acts, but to me the word courage means a lot more. When parents lose their kids to senseless crime and are able to maintain their sanity, that’s courageous.

When a young man or woman grows up in a neighborhood infested with drugs and guns and he or she is able to not follow an environment that is set up to keep certain young people down, that’s courageous.

And Finally

When a young boy loses plenty of family and friends to street violence and he is able to avoid revenge, maintains his sanity and continues to pray and keep the faith that there is a better life some day, some way, some place – That’s me.

I am courageous!

And now please light your candles of courage.