About the Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy

Isaura’s Message

The Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy is an anti-violence initiative co-directed by Dorchester peace activist Isaura Mendes and Shannon Flattery of Touchable Stories. It is named in honor of Isaura’s oldest son Bobby who was murdered in 1995. It is rededicated to her youngest son Matthew who was murdered in 2006.

The program began in 1999 to help stem the tide of growing homicides in the Dorchester/Roxbury neighborhoods. Programs include public speaking in schools and prisons, grief counseling for families and friends who have lost loved ones, roundtable dinners with community members and their elected officials, holiday celebrations for local children and The Annual Parent’s & Children’s Walk for Peace.


Contributions may be made directly to support this work by making checks payable to:

“The Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy”
c/o Touchable Stories
319 Hurley St. #3 Cambridge MA 02141

Secure contributions can also be made via PayPal with the donate link below: